May 27, 2019

Best in Health, Education & Disability – Samantha Syme

Prior to commencing a traineeship with AGA, Samantha had been in and out of employment, searching for a career path that motivated her. 

Samantha noticed an opening with AGA for a Certificate III in Individual Support and decided to apply, not really knowing whether she would be considered or having a real understanding of the industry.  Samantha was selected for a position with AGA and hosted to San Carlo Homes for the Aged and very quickly began to identify the rewards of working in this industry and caring for others. 

Samantha was quoted as saying “Working with the elderly has taught me more about myself than I ever imagined. They have been able to show me that I am a strong person and can deal with the struggles that life throws at us,  I no longer look for an excuse to not go to work and  I jump out of bed in the morning with purpose and a clear direction I want to take in life” 

Sam is now working towards becoming a registered nurse. 

Congratulations Samantha!


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