May 27, 2019

Bob Low Memorial Award – Aimee Sanders

Aimee successfully completed her Certificate III in Business, however the first half of her traineeship certainly had its challenges. 

Falling behind in training and regularly missing days of work without explanation highlighted that there were deeper issues that needed to be addressed for Aimee to be successful.  Fortunately, Aimee and her Field Officer Jess had built a good relationship and Jess was able to provide Aimee with the appropriate support. 

After taking a short break to address her personal issues, Aimee was rotated to a small, family run business Valuit Property Valuers. 

This proved to be a turning point for Aimee and through the ongoing support of her new host and Jess, she was able to catch up on her training as well as establish herself as a valued member of the team. 

Aimee has now completed her traineeship and is now employed full time with her host. 

Congratulations Aimee!


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