May 27, 2019

Carol Hammett Award – Shannon Voss-Smith

Shannon has been an outstanding business student having completed both Certificate III and IV in Business, during which she has shown herself to be a person with an excellent work ethic and drive.

She is an honest, reliable and approachable member staff who attends to all her responsibilities with a pleasant and helpful attitude making staff feel comfortable to come to her when they require assistance.  Her attention to detail is always to a high quality and she goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that she completes all requests in a timely and professional manner.  These traits were also evident in the way Shannon approached her training units and allowed her to complete both qualifications efficiently.

Shannon shows all the attributes which Carol Hammett saw as important in a trainee/member of staff.  Shannon is an intelligent, friendly, helpful and polite person and is therefore a worthy recipient of this award. 

Congratulations Shannon!


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