Key people

Key people

Nicolas West 

General Manager

Nicolas has been an active contributor to the Group & Registered Training Organisation sector across Australia for a number of years. These roles have been focused on the development and management of national teams. In particular the operationalising of strategic objectives into commercial outcomes. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as General Manager.

AGA is one of the 12 companies of the IntoWork Australia Group, which employs over 750 staff, and thousands of apprentices, trainees, and short term placements, and trains tens of thousands of students each year. AGA supports many young people entering apprenticeships and traineeships, through employment and training.

Nicolas has worked with the Board and Management Team in building IntoWork Australia into a large progressive employment, recruitment, training and community service provider with over 100 locations across Australia.

Matthew Muller

Operations Manager – Employment and Risk

Leeann Rayner

AASN State Manager – Victoria

Having worked in the Vocational, Education and Training sector for over 25 years, Leeann is enthusiastic about transforming the lives of people through opportunities offered via apprenticeship and traineeship pathways.

Leeann has gained industry recognition for her expertise in building businesses through the employment of apprentices and trainees, meeting employer needs and addressing skills shortages in industry.

Leeann recently founded a business which focuses on increasing the number of women in non-traditional trade apprenticeships.  She is passionate about this initiative because of its potential to empower women in ways they may not have been before.  There has never been a more fitting time for such action which is a social, moral and economic imperative.

Lisa Frame-Hardy

Training Manager – Melbourne

Lisa joined AGA in March 2018 as an ISMAA mentor supporting apprentices in civil construction. She was promoted to Team leader in October 2018. Her desire to work with and support apprentices in training lead her to progress to her current role as the Training Manager.

Completing an apprenticeship herself, she has fond memories of learning and striving to be the best in her industry while working in the top hotels and restaurants in Melbourne. Lisa has previous experience working in the training sector for over 18 years in various roles ranging from training apprentices in hospitality, foundation skills training and previous experience as a youth worker. Lisa also enjoys volunteering for Worldskills competitions and various local youth events.

Supporting the youth to be the best they can be while successfully achieving their goals is her passion.

Renee Briggs-Gordon

AASN Operations Manager Victoria

When Renee completed High School in 1992 she started an apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering before too long the corporate world came calling and she has forged a career in senior sales and leaderships position within a variety of industry sectors.

Renee started with AGA in 2015 as a Business Consultant within our AASN department.

Renee has over ten years’ experience in the VET sector and has worked for not only AASN but also with RTO, in sales, customer service and as a business trainer. Renee has a passion for helping people achieve and believes in the fundamentals of lifelong learning.

Warwick Baum

Training Manager

Warwick is our Training Manager in Gippsland who was previously the business consultant with MAS National our AASN provider.

Prior to joining AGA, Warwick was a business owner for 15 years who has always had a keen interest in the educations sector, holding voluntary roles on committees and boards whilst ensuring his business was able to provide placement and work experience opportunities for young people to learn about his industry.

Warwick has a passion for developing young people and enjoys working with business owners and industry partners to see workers of the next generation achieve their goals.  Having lived in Gippsland for 23 years, Warwick has strong networks throughout the region and remains committed to ensuring Gippsland provides rewarding employment opportunities.

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