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Do you want a career in carpentry?

The building industry offers a wide range of employment opportunities within the domestic and commercial sector and can lead into further career specialisations including supervision, management or running your own business.

Carpenters traditionally build and repair structure and objects with a number of different materials.

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What does a carpentry apprentice do?

As an apprentice carpenter you may find yourself:

  • reading and intepreting plans and specifications
  • using hand and power tools
  • constructing floors, walls and roofs
  • installing doors, windows, staircases and other fixtures

Consider a carpentry career if you:

  • like working with your hands
  • enjoy working outdoors
  • are safety conscious
  • find solutions for problems

Become a carpentry apprentice

  • Enjoy our quality accredited carpentry training
  • Get paid while you learn the carpentry trade
  • Gain experience in a carpentry workplace
  • Experience success with our ongoing support and mentoring

Courses available

  • Apprenticeships

    If a carpentry apprenticeship is just what you’re looking for, you can apply today. Even if no positions are currently advertised, you can fill in an application and we will contact you to arrange an interview.

    CPC30220 – Certificate III in Carpentry

    This is a nationally recognised qualification which means that it is valid in all states of Australia. The qualification requires both on-the-job and structured (trade school) training.


    Carpentry apprenticeships traditionally take four years to complete, however with competency base training, apprentices can complete the apprenticeship once they are deemed competent by AGA, the host employer and the training department.

  • Pre-Apprenticeships

    Increase your changes of becoming a carpentry apprentice

    If you feel like a carpentry apprenticeship might be right for you, a pre-apprenticeship (Certificate II) gives you a chance to get started and see if carpentry suits you.

    Pre-apprenticeships also give you an advantage over applicants without previous training.

    22614VIC – Certificate II in Building and Construction Pre-apprenticeship

    This pre-vocational course is aimed at school leavers or new entrants into the workforce. It provides the opportunity for those wishing to gain employment in the building and construction industry, including carpentry, with the required prerequisite knowledge and skills to gain access to a wide range of apprenticeships offered within this industry.


    A Certificate II in Building and Construction takes approximately 16 weeks to complete.

  • School Pathways

    School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT) allow you to continue at secondary school, completing VCE or VCAL while gaining qualifications to kick-start your career after school.

    A School-Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship in construction pathways is a wonderful course to become familiar with the industry.

    CPC20220 – Certificate II in Construction Pathways

    AGA offers school-based apprenticeships to suit school timetables. Vacancies will be on our website, but if there are no current positions, you can still apply to be considered in the next intake.

    VET in schools (VETis)

    AGA also works with schools to provide VETis courses. Talk to your school careers advisor or contact AGA for more information.

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