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Lead the charge in Australia’s future

Help power Australia’s clean energy sources through 40 different occupations, ranging from trades to engineering to social sciences. Clean energy work has a profound positive impact on the environment and paves the way for a sustainable future.

The clean energy sector is booming and that means there are plenty of jobs available for those who are interested in pursuing a career in this field. From tradies to engineers and the social sciences, the demand for these roles is being driven by the shift towards clean energy. Apprenticeships are a great way to gain the knowledge and experience needed to construct, operate, maintain solar and wind farms, produce hydrogen and manage related projects.

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40 Occupations to Choose From and Deliver Australia’s Clean Energy Infrastructure

The Australian Government’s Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) is helping to make it easier to break into the clean energy sector with the launch of the New Energy Apprenticeships Program.

This program provides eligible apprentices with up to $10,000 in financial support and a mentor from the industry, and covers 40 occupations listed on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List. So if you’re looking for a way to make a difference to the future of jobs and unlock a career in clean energy, then an apprenticeship could be the perfect choice for you.

Taking part in a New Energy Apprenticeship is a great opportunity to gain a recognised qualification and learn valuable skills you can use for the rest of your life. With a mix of practical experience in a workplace and in a Registered Training Organisation or school, you’ll have the best of both worlds. Plus, you’ll be paid to do it.

An apprenticeship with us gives you:

  • An income while you work towards your qualification
  • Skills, knowledge and a career in a progressive industry
  • Hands on experience in the workplace
  • Guidance from experienced people
  • Government incentives for both you and your employer

Through the Australian Government we offer eligible apprentices up to $10,000 in financial support and mentorship in an eligible industry.

This program gives you the opportunity to be part of a booming industry, leading the charge in clean energy solutions – Register Your Interest Today!

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