Electrical Supply Industry (ESI) Training

Meeting the training needs of the Australian power sector

AGA delivers an extensive range of nationally accredited ESI units of competency, as well as mandated, non-accredited ESI training.

Whether you need competency assessment (initial) or refresher training, our ESI training provides your workforce with the minimum requirements to access VESI Electrical Networks. In consultation with our clients and industry, we have developed a suite of training programs to meet your workforce compliance needs and skills development.

We provide flexible delivery of our training solutions, allowing us to:

  • deliver at any site
  • deliver on weekdays, weekends or evenings
  • provide the use of AGA training facilities

Do you need Victorian Electrical Distribution Networks (VEDN) accreditation?

Units of Competency

CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

HLTAID009 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid

RIIWHS205E — Control traffic with stop-slow bat

RIIWHS302E — Implement traffic management plan

UETDRMP001 – Apply access authority procedures to work on or near electrical apparatus

UETDRMP002 – ESI safety rules for work on, near or in the vicinity of electrical apparatus

UETDRMP003 – Perform cable pit/trench/excavation rescue

UETDRMP004 – Perform elevated work platform controlled descent escape

UETDRMP005 – Perform elevated work platform rescue

UETDRMP006 – Perform pole top rescue

UETDRMP007 – Perform rescue from a live low voltage panel

UETDRMP008 – Perform rescue from switchyard structures

UETDRMP010 – Provide first aid in an ESI environment

UETDRMP011 – Testing of connections to low voltage electricity networks

UETDRMP012 – Working on live low voltage overhead – Cable Jointing

UETDRMP013 – Working on live low voltage Under Ground – Cable Jointing

UETDREL006 -Working safely near live electrical apparatus as a non-electrical worker

Non-Accredited Units

Asbestos Awareness
Confined Spaces (refresher only)
Enter Enclosures
High Voltage Operator- Restricted Switching Overhead (RSO)
High Voltage Operator- Distribution Switching Overhead (DSO)
High Voltage Operator- Distributing Switching (DS)
High Voltage Operator- Zone Substation Switching (ZSS)
High Voltage Operator- Terminal Switching Feeders (TSF) (refresher only)
Live Low Voltage Work- Ground Level
Live Low Voltage Work- Overhead
Make Application for

Making LV Dead
Manual Handling
Measuring Conductor Heights Using Telescopic Measuring Sticks
Receive Sanction for Testing
Safe Approach Distances
Safe Approach Distances- Vegetation Work
Safe to Approach SWER
Safe to Climb
VEDN Auditor Training
VEDN Installation of Underground Electrical Infrastructure
VESI Environmental Framework
VESI Safety Framework

For more info or to make a booking, please call 1300 000 AGA (242) to speak with one of our industry consultants.

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