Grievance, complaints & appeals

Grievances, complaints and appeals

Available to AGA employees, apprentices, trainees, students, parents (for those under 18), host employers, clients, contractors and other stakeholders.


If a person wishes to raise a grievance, make a formal or informal complaint or appeal, they will be asked to provide a detailed description to enable the investigation process to take place:

  • a description of the incident(s), decision or behaviour in question
  • the time and date of the incident(s)
  • the names of any witnesses
  • what are they seeking/suggesting as an outcome

The Grievance/Complaints Procedure complies with the requirements of Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Standard 3, Clauses 1.7, 5.4 and 6.1 to 6.6—Supporting and informing learners; managing complaints and appeals for Registered Training Organisations.


Download the grievance, complaints and appeals policy


Grievance, complaints and appeals process

This form will be sent directly to Senior Executives who will investigate and respond accordingly, following robust and confidential processes. You may be contacted via the details provided in regards to the information submitted in this form.

An investigator will be appointed to deal with the complaint and the investigation will seek to gather all relevant information. Once the investigation has been completed and relevant input received, all involved parties will have adequate opportunity to respond before a determination will be made and an appropriate course of action will be communicated to all concerned parties.



Timelines for the grievance/complaint to be resolved;

  • Grievance to be acknowledged by AGA within 24 hours.
  • Complaint to be resolved ASAP
  • Where the time to resolve the grievance/complaint takes more than 1 week, all parties will be notified of reason and estimated resolution timeline supplied.

Grievance, complaints and appeals form

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