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Our facilities

AGA delivers training at facilities located throughout the greater Melbourne and Gippsland regions of Victoria.

Training in employer workplaces is provided where practicable.

Our modern classrooms allow students to study the theory component in comfort while the practical component is held in well-equipped, technical workshops.

See a 360 view of our Deer Park facilities (pictured).

Scaled house constructions and multi-storey structures

Our scaled house constructions are used by plumbing, carpentry and electrical students.

  • Plumbing students learn and practice skills ranging from water installation, sanitary, roofing, drainage, gas installation, welding and much more. Our replication of a multi-storey structure allows students to learn how to plumb buildings greater than single storey.
  • Electrical students learn and practice skills ranging from general electrical installations, low voltage circuits, DC circuits, telecommunications and much more.
  • Carpentry students learn and practice skills using modern techniques ranging from flooring, framing, roofing, levelling, staircases, windows and doors, exterior cladding and much more.

Workshops providing hands-on experience

Our engineering workshops are equipped with a range of plant equipment so that students can learn the fabrication skills such as development, technical drawing, Manual Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding along with Oxy Acetylene welding processes.

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Equipment used in your industry

AGA has a dedicated ward so that health and aged care students can learn the skills of lifting equipment, bed making, feeding clients along with transport aids such as wheel chairs and walking frames.

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Space and variety

Our workshops are adaptable to ensure the scale of learning is maximised for each apprentice and trainee.

For instance, our automotive workshops have access to a variety of vehicles so students can learn on a range of cars and their parts– from carburettors to modern vehicle injection systems, and through to the latest electronic technologies.

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