ESV Electrical Licence CPD Training

Attention electrical licence holders!

Complete your mandatory training with AGA

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is committed to offering the best quality professionals in the electrical trade. As a result, they have introduced FREE mandatory training for all electrical licence holders.


About the program

AGA has partnered with Energy Safe Victoria to deliver the Skills Maintenance Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. This training needs to be completed within two years of your electrical licence renewal date.


The big why

Like anything in life, we want the best people to carry out the work we need done.  This is why completing the CPD ensures participants are thoroughly capable of performing their jobs, and kept up to date with any change or technological advances. It allows electrical license holders to maintain, improve, broaden and enhance their knowledge, skills and competence.

Who is this for?

Electrical workers in the following licence classes will be required to undertake CPD:

✓ Electrical Inspector

✓ Electrician

✓ Electrician (Supervised) (ES)

✓ Lineworker Licence (commencing 2026)

✓ Restricted Electrical Licence

✓ Switchgear Licence

Benefits of choosing AGA

  • It’s FREE! The program is fully funded by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV)
  • Convenient face-to-face 1 day training
  • Regular training dates in multiple locations throughout Victoria
  • We have 40 years of experience providing the best quality training



  • Must hold a valid electrical license in Victoria
  • Must have received two or more COVID-19 vaccination doses as required by the industry (or a valid medical exemption). Before attending the training you will need to provide proof of this.



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