Transition services for retrenched workers

Transition services

Intowork Australia has been selected by the Department of Jobs and Small Business to deliver support to retrenched workers. As part of the IntoWork Group, AGA is delivering these services across Melbourne’s north and west.

If you are an employer looking to partner with us to provide your employees with support, and to help them secure future employment, contact us.

Stronger Transitions services

If you have been retrenched or are facing retrenchment we can support you with the following ‘Stronger Transitions’ services:

Comprehensive Skills Assessment

  • Helping you identify your existing competencies and skills and how they could be used in industries or fields that you have not worked in
  • Help identifying your career goals, exploring your strengths and life stage requirements and any barriers and/or development opportunities to help you secure new employment

Preparing, Planning and Applying for jobs

  • Help you prepare/review and tailor your resume for different jobs
  • Practice applying for jobs through different online platforms, assisting you with understanding the impact and requirements of your online presence
  • Help with preparing for interviews across a range of industries

Accessing the Transition Services

These services will help you get started on your path to new employment. And through our network of businesses across the IntoWork Group we can support you with any training needs you identify, and link you to our recruitment services.

To access these services you’ll need to be referred through your Job Active provider, The Department of Jobs and Small Business, or your employer if they are participating.

Find your local Job Active provider

View more information on the Stronger Transitions service at The Department of Jobs and Small Business.

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