February 18, 2022

Women in Trades program gears up

Ask any young person if they would put in the effort to train for a career that’s in demand, pays a great salary, keeps them active, and gives them the freedom to work anywhere — and most would jump at the chance.

Trade-based occupations offer all these benefits and more, and women are increasingly pursuing trade apprenticeships as a viable and appealing career pathway. As for whether employers are ready to take on female apprentices — you bet they are.

Launched this month, AGA’s new Women in Trades program puts women front and centre by enabling them to try out three popular trades — carpentry, electrical and plumbing — over an eight week period. On completion, the women have the opportunity to apply for an apprenticeship in their preferred trade.

By experiencing first-hand what it’s like to work in these trades, the program aims to encourage females to embark on careers in a range of male-dominated industries.

Being a tradie is no longer just for the boys!

AGA trainer Lulu, completed her carpentry apprenticeship in 2013 and says it was tough being the only female at trade school. “I remember what it was like going through trade school and feeling like I didn’t belong…it’s really beautiful to look out into the class and know that everyone belongs, and they don’t stand out because of their gender.”

Lulu’s experience mirrors an industry that has seen steady change in the past 10 years. While it’s estimated that only around three per cent of Australia’s qualified tradespeople are female, this is double what it was in 2010.

As a qualified tradie you can work for a large employer, a small specialised crew, or even start your own business – the choice is yours.

Asked whether she thinks any of the women in the program will go on to do an apprenticeship, Lulu is emphatic. “I could tell on day one. Their enthusiasm and some of the questions they were asking, I could tell some of them were on their way to finding an apprenticeship.”

The program takes place in the first-class facilities of the AGA Deer Park training centre where the women can learn and develop their skills in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Lulu says the commitment and resources AGA is putting into the program will help set the participants up for success. “You really get a sense of how important it is to AGA in wanting to throw everything into it being successful – you can really feel that’s important to them…to get some momentum behind it and be something AGA continues to offer.”

The Women in Trades program is an initiative of the Apprenticeship Employment Network and is supported by Apprenticeships Victoria.

To reserve your place in this exceptional program, register here or contact AGA on 1300 000 242.

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